Parent Policy


Our goal here at First Step Academy is to provide a healthy, safe, clean and nurturing environment for all children in our care. We want to also meet the parental need to feel your child is in a positive environment where they are felt cared for and comfortable.

Enrollment Policy

When enrolling, we require the children and parents to come in and be introduced to the school and the staff members. We feel this helps to alleviate both the children’s and the parent’s anxiety of the first day. At this time all forms will be handed out and all forms will need to be returned before the first day of care. Immunization records must be on file the first day of care.

For insurance and tax purposes there is an enrollment fee of $50.00 per child. This is a one-time fee. However, if you remove your child from care, there will be another fee if they re-enroll.


Our curriculum is taken from the theories of the National Association of the Education for Young Children. This is where the children engage in activities that are age appropriate. Each class does various activities to support Art, Science, Math, Music and Language.

Hours of Operation

First Step Academy will be open from 6am to 6pm Monday thru Friday. We will observe the following holidays and will provide a yearly calendar.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

First Step Academy will also close 2 weeks a year to allow us to perform maintenance on the property that we cannot do while in session.

  • 1 week in the summer – The week that the 4th of July lands on
  • 2nd week will be Christmas Eve through New Year’s.

Arrivals and Departures

All children must be accompanied by an adult for both drop-off and pick up. This is for the child’s safety as well to allow a time for the staff to communicate with parents as needed.

Children must be signed in and signed out each day. Children thrive on consistency, so please let us and your child know if there are schedule changes.

Once your child has been picked up there is no returning them back that same day. Please make appointments accordingly. Staffing is based on attendance.

All children must be in attendance by 10am. This is help with the daily schedule and to not interrupt activities and learning.
As with all policies, if there is a special circumstance, please discuss with Jennifer.

Tuition and Weekly Rates

Tuition is $7280.00 a year. This breaks down to $140 a week.

Before and After School students with a younger sibling enrolled in the program - $40.00 a week - $10.00 extra for no school days – Full weeks will be standard rate.

Before and After School students without a sibling enrolled in the program - $60.00 a week - $10.00 extra for no school days – Full weeks will be standard rate.

If your child is not potty trained there is a $10.00 extra charge per week. Parents must provide diapers. We are more than willing to help with the potty training process.

There is a late fee of $1.00 per minute for any child picked up after 6pm.

Tuition Payment Expectations

Tuition is due on the Monday of each week. Payments can be accepted bi-weekly or with your pay schedule but it must be paid in advance of care. If tuition is not paid by the end of Monday a $10.00/day late fee will be accessed. If payment is not provided by Wednesday of the week in question the child may no longer attend. Please understand, we have costs associated with the center and they must be paid.

Discharge Policy

If a child becomes abusive to other children and teachers, or becomes destructive towards equipment he/she will be discharged with a 1 week notice. If a parent or guardian becomes verbally or physically abusive to any of the staff member at First Step Academy, the family will be discharged without notice.

If you decide to no longer have your child enrolled in First Step Academy we ask for a 1 week notice, or there will be a $100 fee per child.

Open Door Policy

We want all families to feel free to talk to us about any issue they have with our facility or their children. If there needs to be an in depth conversation we ask that you let us know in advance so we can make sure we are staffed to be able to give you the attention you need. Also, please feel free to drop in at any time to see us.


Each child needs to bring in an extra set of clothes. This includes a shirt, pants, underwear and socks. You never know what could happen. Please make sure that all items are marked with their names.

Every child will be going outside daily as weather permits. Please dress you child in clothing that is appropriate and allowed to get dirty. We are not responsible for clothes ruined by activities here at the center. We suggest tennis shoes to be worn for outside play to avoid injuries.

Nap Time

Each child must bring a blanket with their name on it. Due to limited space we ask that no large pillows or large blankets be brought in. However if you child has a special item they need to sleep with we will work with you. Each child will be assigned a cot that only they will use. All items will be stored separately. Blankets will be sent home each week to be laundered.


Breakfast will be served at 8 am. Lunch will be served at 11 am. Snack will be served at 2:30 pm. Your child must be here 15 min before a meal to be included. If not, please make sure you feed them before arriving. We will post a meal schedule so you are aware of what you child will be eating. Outside food is not allowed.


If your child becomes ill while at First Step Academy you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child immediately. Examples of illness are:

  • 100 + temperature
  • Unexplained or contagious skin rash
  • Head Lice
  • Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Pink Eye
  • Constant cough or sneezing

We ask that if these symptoms occur at home, please keep your child at home to avoid other children from these illnesses. If they have a temperature, vomiting or diarrhea they cannot return until they are symptom free for 24 hrs.


All medications must be given to Jennifer or Rebecca. Please do not allow the child to keep it in their backpack or baskets. All medications must come in the original container with the child’s name on it. A form must be filled out in order for it to be administered. Sunscreen is considered a medication.


We make sure your child is safe as possible, but accidents happen. There will be an injury report made each time your child gets hurt. If the injury is serious, you will be informed immediately.

Emergency Forms

If there is a change on your child’s information sheet, please let us know immediately. This includes job, residence phone numbers and authorization pick up changes. It is crucial that files are up to date.

Immunization records

It is important these are kept up to date. We require that you bring in new records as your child receives their immunizations.

Thank you

We want to thank you for choosing First Step Academy for your child care needs. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable with us. Please feel free to stop in any time and let us know any concerns you may have.

Your children are our #1 priority. We always put them first and want you to feel like family. They say it takes a village to raise a child and we want to assist in any way we can.